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1. Creating an open exhibition ground on the territory of Moscow Centre for Contemporary Art specially for holding exhibitions, where various types of street art are presented.

2. Creating and accommodating a kind of a private area on the territory of Moscow Centre for Contemporary Art with the purpose of holding public and private lectures and discussions.

These goals represent a whole set of tasks, among which are the following:

— representing the existing forms of street art on the basis of a retrospective trend approach;
— meeting the most interesting representatives of native and foreign street art;
— stimulating creative efforts and making young authors, enthusiastic about factual material, think in a critical way;
— outlining a number of problems, which could cause authors to indulge in self-reflection and make them articulate their personal positions on the current situation in street art;
— cross-cultural analysis of modern problems in graffiti and in street art in general;
— holding public lectures, discussions and master classes;
— demonstrating archive materials as well as feature films and documentaries about graffiti.

Thus, project development will provide an opportunity to establish communication between the subculture and modern art and to make graffiti and street art a part of Moscow art process, to provide for free contact between the artist and the audience, by presenting adequate information that is provided by the members of the graffiti community. Besides, this would enable the operation of informal analytical centre for street art problems, which is quite a novelty not only in Russian but also in foreign experience.