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— "Let Everyone Hear My Silence".
T-Radya (www.t-radya.com), Ekaterinburg, April 2012.

About the author.

Radya is an artist of his time. He is attentive to subtle social vibrations and skillfully summarizes the results of the first decade of the century. Political apathy, empathy loss, forgotten history lessons, commonplace, cynicism. Nevertheless Radya doesn’t portray these signs of the new era. On the contrary his lively actual works are an answer, antithesis of these concepts, a decent example of personal apprehension of the agenda: “I don’t know much about the urban environment matters but I have a sense that our cities are empty. And this emptiness crawls inside the person. But it seems that you can sneak up to it and trap it in a box. Take it away”, — states the artist and successfully “materializes” it.

The famous Ekaterinburg dweller expresses his attitude in every work. As many street art activists he exploits a journalist model — every event is reflected in a publication — not a text one as wordsmiths’ but figurative. “Such a form — new, amazing and very notable — is very convincing. I know that the most important things are very simple and the most complex thing to do is to keep them in mind.

That’s why I appreciate wall writings so much — they interfere with your life without permission” — says Tim. Street publications are more dear to a person than a newspaper. An edition lies on the counter and doesn’t attract. But a street-artist’s work becomes a part of the city, it’s hard to ignore it, it interacts with passerbys making them think even if for a moment.

Text by www.etoday.ru.

About the work.

Burning books is one of the commonly apprehended matters. Although books are inanimated it the action is considered as remorseless and horrible as burning of living beings.

The fire is rather dead than alive, it collects the heat instead of giving. This is the situation when even the destructive power would create instead of draining. The situation of disappearing of words and books but of transformation of energy contained in them into the words on the wall.

Text by author.

— The creation of the layer was supported by urban actions marathon “Do It Yourself”.