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— “To Paint Is Better Than To Draw”.
CHTAK, Moscow, June 2011.

The work is based on purist conception of emptiness. In street-art any surface is supposed to renew periodically. The wall functioning as urban halls of fame constantly covered with layers — it’s a typical and natural process. In such situations an artist has to paint over the works of others. Rather often (if the work doesn’t suppose other variants) due to economy purpose it doesn’t take primer coating, some artists even coordinate the color of the future work with the prevailing color of the previous work. Nevertheless before an art invasion the wall is always monotonous, similar to a white canvas. Painting the wall white the artist performs an inverse transformation of an art-object into an object underlining its primary purpose, cleans it from ideas of others. Not only the surface but his/her own perception before an art action. Harmony of emptiness reached at this point zero becomes the beginning of future chaos created by the author.

Initially the work was supposed to be limited by the above-mentioned conceptual message from the title. Its figural content appeared later — during the process of its creation — from the dialog of author and his son, who is fond of collecting missiles and cement-mixer models.
There is also a play of words in the verbal component of the work — “to paint” also means “to create an artwork” while graffiti appears in the process of painting a wall with color of used paint.

Text by Andrey Tseluiko.