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— "Industry".
Pasha 183 (www.183art.ru), Moscow, September 2010.

About the author.

The uniqueness of the author consists that he creates his art not in the streets of the city, yet under a surface of the ground. Being placed in space of underground communications, his works as early as during a year "rock the air" in the congealed world of Moscow catacombs.

The idea of the author's innovation is like that — combining technics of a photo and diaprojection, to show to spectator the mysterious industrial world of underground entrances and the tunnels which are institutional carried out the defensive function, but had sunk into oblivion with falling of the Soviet empire.

Love for underground environment of megapolis in the beginning of the way was very strongly affected with the information about diggers: after perusal of several articles about this unique phenomenon the author has dared to go down under the ground where nearly a year independently investigated uncountable territories of the city catacombs. Enjoying their greatness and beauty, fixing on the film some objects, the artist took the idea into his head to interpret the space of alive underground.

Not to be blasphemous with respect to gray hairs of vaults and not to leave in it any signs about the stay, the author has decided to resort to the help of contactless, universal technology — projections. A following stage for realization of the author's plan became the search of an independent (wireless) projector. In the absence of those on sale, the author had to collect the device by his own strength.

The Result was the unique in its way invention — six-voltage, water-proof, antishock, portable projector. In a combination with "Minolta z1" camera, possessing good automatic focusing in night conditions, the author gave all necessary for embodiment his creative collectings in extensive space of the Moscow vault. So the artist has started to practise his own trend in street art — Light art.

Text by Andrey Tseluiko (from "Objects-2" book).

About the work.

The author tries to visualize the contemporary position of a modern street artist on the market and in the art industry, since it is namely street art that makes the eternal struggle of a creative genius with cultural and political dictate of the regime sharp and vivid.

Street artists who were brought up to enjoy the ideas of freedom and independence, who are traditionally not a part of the system and who are used to speak up their ideas without any limitations turn to be paralyzed and mute the same very moment they cross the borders of the so called “big art”. It is senseless to be a part of the official system without obeying it's rules.

As a result, freedom of speech and action is ruined by frames consisting of various art industry components. Concepts and manifests of various art projects, market demand, conditions and terms set by sponsors, gallery requirements, tastes and preferences of public, cultural policy of the state and art institutions alongside with many other factors are the chains that won’t let an artist be free in his work.

The industry is a monopoly, which won’t let an artist with another choice but to follow the rules of the game in order to move forward. However when making this step an artist turns into a copyist, who loses his originality and only copies what he is ordered to. Following the laws of the industry, free art itself turns into industrial art. Commercialization is killing it.

When the artwork and discussion with amateur spectators was completed Pavel 183 finally saw his work on natural scale not as a sketch. So he asked to supplement this article. By his words the metaphor that includes the lead character — a typical bomber (illegal graffiti writer who paints on trains at night not to be recognized — that’s why he puts on a mask) and the rest "features" — handcuffs, bank notes…aren’t necessary to be interpret literally. This is not about graffiti writers, artists and creators in common. Nowadays every person is dependent from the industry. Everyone who has to survive — has to sink deeper in this swamp and tie the rope around his / her neck harder and harder. This happens during unconscious and never-ending, stiff or slack, feverish or well-structured, but anyway a commonplace rat race for dubious wealth that, to our surprise, is still considered "just an instrument" by the most.

Text by Kirill KTO.